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Introducing Richer PSLF / Repayment Data for PortfolioLoan objects

We've got the goods no one else has on student loans! Rich data just got richer. Now, we offer even more information around ineligible and non-qualifying payments made by PSLF enrollees!

We're also providing up-to-date loan payoff quotes for a borrower's entire Portfolio.

Notable changes and updates

API v1.0.2 has introduced some helpful changes to the Get Portfolio API endpoint

Portfolios provide Payoff and PSLF objects

Continuing our quest to provide the richest student loan Portfolio data on the market, we've introduced two new objects in our PortoflioLoan Schema object.

  • Added the Payoff Schema object, providing loan payoff quotes and the date until which they are valid.
  • Added the PSLF Schema object, describing any Public Service Loan Forgiveness contributions and details. This addition also includes new IneligiblePayment and NonQualifyingPayment schema objects

Servicer.address schema updated to standard US-style address format

In v1.0.1, when we introduced the PortfolioLoan schema, we also introduced a Servicer schema with an address attribute that provided addresses in a non-US-style address format (the ServicerAddress schema). v1.0.2 changes this and all Servicer schema objects now use the same US-formatted Address schema used by Borrower objects.