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Payitoff API: DayOfMonthSchedule Schema

A DayOfMonthSchedule object can be used when creating or editing a PaymentSeries to define the recurring schedule you want an automated PaymentSeries to follow.


The day_of_month property cannot exceed 28

To avoid confusion and missed payments, a DayOfMonthSchedule will not accept a day_of_month value above 28. If you need to schedule a recurring PaymentSeries for a day above the 28th of each month, you should use the EndOfMonthSchedule, and we will ensure payments are made on or before the last day of each month.

Schema Definition

Properties in bold are required.

day_of_monthintegerint32The day of the month the payment should be made. Only accepts numbers between 1 and 28. If a later day is desired, use EndOfMonthSchedule.
end_datestringdateAn ISO Date string indicating when a PaymentSeries should end.
start_datestringdateAn ISO Date string indicating when a PaymentSeries should begin.


  "day_of_month": 8,
  "end_date": "2022-09-01",
  "start_date": "2021-09-01"