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Payitoff API: PaymentSeriesPayload Schema

A PaymentSeriesPayload is the request body required when creating or editing a PaymentSeries to define the recurring schedule you want an automated PaymentSeries to follow.

Schema Definition

Properties in bold are required.

amountstringdecimalThe total amount of each payment that should be made every month according to the schedule.
scheduleobjectOne of:

An object describing the recurrence schedule. The actual dates selected each month will be moved off of weekends and bank holidays. The next business day will be used, unless that would roll into a new month, then the previous business day is used instead.
servicer_idstringuuidThe UUID that identifies the Servicer who should receive the payment.
source_account_idstringuuidThe UUID that identifies the Borrower-owned SourceAccount from which funds will be transferred.


A valid PaymentSeriesPayload should appear as the JSON value of a payment_series key in your request.

  "payment_series": {
    "amount": "144.00",
    "servicer_id": "f5c9245e-2a0a-4c0b-95ad-f410221154a7",
    "source_account_id": "0b55567b-7492-46a7-ab5b-5a0aab0e93ea",
    "schedule": {
      "start_date": "2021-09-01",
      "end_date": "2022-09-01",
      "end_of_month": true