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Whenever you create `Loan` objects for a `Borrower` using the [Create Loans](🔗) API endpoint, you must supply a request payload. This payload is _always_ marked by a `loans` property. However, the value of that `loans` property may be one of two entities:

  • an `array` of [`LoanPayload`](🔗) objects

  • a single base64-encoded [`LoansFilePayload`](🔗) value

`loans``string``byte`base64-encoded MSD file as `LoansFilePayload`
`loans``array`[`LoanPayload`](🔗)Array of `LoanPayload` objects with loan attributes.

### `LoanPayload` array example

When creating `Loan` objects via data collected from your `Borrower`, Plaid, or other source, the `loans` property value should be an `array` of [`LoanPayload`](🔗) objects with loan attributes directly:

### `LoansFilePayload` example

When creating `Loan` objects by uploading an MSD file, the `loans` property value should be a base64-encoded [`LoansFilePayload`](🔗) of the MSD file itself: