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Payitoff API: IncomeCertification Schema

We currently support uploading only a single IncomeCertification at a time. If multiple IncomeCertifications are uploaded over subsequent requests, we will only use the most recent IncomeCertification for Assessment operations and Borrower responses.

We want to support a future use case where multiple IncomeCertifications may be uploaded and a subset of those documents chosen by a Borrower as the documentation to submit with their IDR Enrollment Request. To avoid changes to the API in the future, this is why a Borrower response provides the income_certifications property as an array.


Use IncomeCertificationPayload for API POST, PUT, and PATCH requests

When creating and updating a Borrower with supporting Income Certification document(s), you must use an IncomeCertificationPayload as your payload in the singular income_certification property of a BorrowerPayload payload.

When a Borrower is returned by the API, the Borrower object will hold a plural income_certifications property with IncomeCertification(s) within.

Schema Definition

idintegerint64The ID value of the IncomeCertification file uploaded for a Borrower.
inserted_atstringdate-timeA DateTime string that indicates when the IncomeCertification was first uploaded to our API.
The type of supporting income/unemployment documentation uploaded for Enrollment or recertification.


  "id": 198,
  "inserted_at": "2021-02-18 21:33:29",
  "type": "tax_return"