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To create an `Enrollment` for a `Borrower`, use our [Create an Enrollment](🔗) API endpoint with an `EnrollmentPayload`.

**NOTE:** The following fields are required:

  • `repayment_plan`

  • `signature`

Use `EnrollmentPayload` for to create an `Enrollment`

When creating `Enrollment` objects via API, send an `EnrollmentPayload` as your request body. You'll receive an [`Enrollment`](🔗) as a response.

### Schema Definition

Properties in **bold** are required fields.

**`repayment_plan`**`string``paye` `repaye` `ibr` `new_ibr` `icr`The Income-Driven Repayment Plan a borrower wishes to enroll in. Should be a `repayment_plan.type` value from a `RepaymentOption`.
Does the borrower grant the Partner company (you) and Payitoff the right to process and submit an IDR Enrollment form on their behalf?
Should the borrower's signature be in cursive or typed format on the submitted IDR Enrollment form? _Defaults to `true`._

### Example