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Introducing Aggregated Loan Portfolios

In API v1.0.1, we're introducing automated student loan aggregation and data syncing. By using Nexus to walk your borrowers through linking their Servicer(s), we can now collect, process, normalize, and return the most accurate student loan portfolio data on the market for you to embed into your own products.

Click here to learn more about Aggregated Portfolios or Click here to see the Portfolio API endpoint.

Notable changes and updates

There are a few areas in which notable changes have been made. Most of these changes are isolated to the new Get Portfolio API endpoint, though we are laying the groundwork for improving existing endpoints and increasing overall API consistency. Expect the changes introduced with Portfolios to start showing up in other endpoints in the near future.

UUIDs as preferred identity

We have been slowly moving away from integer ID values in our API for some time, and v1.0.1 is our first API update that introduces relying solely on uuid values for PortfolioLoan objects—they no longer include an id property, and will only provide a uuid identifier.

Floats as strings

Prior to v1.0.1, our API returned numeric and monetary values as numbers with float formatting. Unfortunately, floats are often handled inconsistently across platforms and languages, and even the formatting of floats can be unreliable. Because these values, which often denote balances and payments, are so important, all float values will be returned as strings, to 2-digit precision to ensure you receive the most accurate and expected results possible since v1.0.1.

For more information and discussion around this topic, click here.

ISO-formatted dates

We've been working to improve our date values, and the new Portfolios endpoint is the first to put this into place. Prior versions of our API included inconsistent date formats in certain fields, where flexible input formats were not coerced into consistent output formats. This was especially troublesome and confusing where loans were concerned. All dates in a PortfolioLoan can be expected to return in YYYY-MM-DD format since v1.0.1. This will be expanded to other API objects in subsequent versions.

Richer objects

In comparison to a Loan returned from the Loans API endpoint, a PortfolioLoan transforms many simple properties into richer objects. Such properties as interest_rate, monthly_payment, loan_status, and loan_type are now object types that offer more information and will continue to expand over time as Payitoff improves its Aggregation capabilities.