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Link To Enroll

To get the most accurate and up-to-date debts for your consumer, you should use Nexus.linkToEnroll to prompt your consumer to unlock their Student Loan debts, get personalized Guidance and then sail smoothly into enrolling in a Repayment Plan. We'll do the heavy lifting of building their entire loan portfolio for you.

Calling Nexus.linkToEnroll

Prerequisite Work:

  1. Get your Nexus Key!
    • Auth Key that allows your to open the Nexus widget
    • Please contact [email protected] / your PIO contact to get that sorted
  2. Please contact [email protected] / your PIO contact to provide the domains you plan to embed Nexus on.

Initialize Nexus:

  1. Embed Nexus Script tag!

    1. You must include the Nexus script tag in your app's markup. Where you place it in your markup is up to you, of course, but you must ensure it is included and loaded before any event handlers are triggered.
    2. <script src="https://payitoff-cdn.io/sandbox/nexus/js/v1"></script>
  2. If you have it, Initialize Nexus with your Consumers UUID created via API

      nexus_key: '079efa8a9127cb76a994daf705dd649042aa26cdfaca628df5db1d7186a0ec8a',
      consumer: 'd66a9ec4-1d9d-4517-b342-10097e5753d0'

    If you're relying on Nexus to create consumers for you, you will want to save the consumer.uuid that is returned so you can make GraphQL API calls on behalf of your consumers.

    Knowing where your consumer left off

    It can be helpful to know if your consumer quit a workflow that you'd like them to complete. To that end, we recommend you catch the quit event. This can provide you a helpful trigger point for notifying your users to come back and otherwise prompt them to finish linking their servicer accounts.

Call Nexus.linkToEnroll:

Nexus.linkToEnroll expects to receive a single options object as a parameter.

We recommend adding an onEvent callback to receive any errors and be notified of your consumers activity within Nexus. If your consumer is missing any required fields for enrollment, you will find out from an init_failed event sent to the onEvent callback.

The code below will launch the Nexus widget:

  // a callback to be notified of errors or other important events that occur within the widget
  onEvent: handleEvent,
`Nexus.linkToEnroll` asking a borrower to unlock their debts, get guidance, submit enrollment

Nexus.linkToEnroll asking a consumer to unlock their debts, get guidance, submit enrollment

Nexus Events

The following events may be sent to your onEvent callback as the consumer progresses through Nexus.studentLoanEnroll:

workflow_startedThe Nexus workflow was launched without error.none
debts_linkedThe consumer's credit report was successfully pulled, from which we determine their student loans.none
workflow_finishedThe consumer finished the workflow.The enrollment key has details about the enrollment request and its status (see below)
quitThe consumer closed Nexus before enrolling in a repayment plan.none


When your consumer completes an enrollment the below is an example of the event sent to your onEvent callback:

  nexusEvent: {
    name: "workflow_finished",
    workflow: "enroll",
    consumer: { uuid: "dceea28c-2245-41a8-a558-fef1643f99b2" },
    metadata: {
      enrollment: {
        created_at: "2021-05-07T16:36:12.051603Z",
        estimated_approval_date: "2023-12-15",
        id: 23,
        repayment_plan: {
          description: "Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE)",
          type: "save",
        status: {
          updated_at: "2021-05-07T16:36:12.055132Z",
          description: "Submission in Progress",
          type: "pending",
        uuid: "c399298f-47ef-4fab-85b3-6244fca22448",