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Student Loan Enroll

Already know the consumer, their loans, and desired repayment plan in Payitoff? The Nexus.studentLoanEnroll workflow jumps right to enrolling them in their selected plan.

After creating a consumer and their debts, you can embed Nexus.studentLoanEnroll into your website! Below is the Enroll flow your Consumer will go through:

After embedding our widget the consumer can go through the enrollment flow.

Here to Help: Checking Enrollment-Readiness for a Consumer

The enrollmentMissingFields field is available on the consumer in GraphQL to check if all the consumer fields required to launch Nexus.studentLoanEnroll are present. If the consumer is ready to launch Nexus.studentLoanEnroll, you'll see "enrollmentMissingFields": []. If not, it will communicate what fields are missing that you will need to update via the GraphQL API.

query {
  consumer(uuid: "5943cd2b-c7a5-4f0b-a607-dbf3e869de3d") {

Example response for a consumer missing fields required for enrollment:

  "data": {
    "consumer": {
      "enrollmentMissingFields": [

Be sure to check this before you send Consumer to Nexus.studentLoanEnroll workflow.

Launch Nexus.studentLoanEnroll:

Nexus.studentLoanEnroll expects to receive a single options object as a parameter.

As a reminder, a plan where the consumer is eligible must be included in the options before an Enrollment can be launched.

We recommend adding an onEvent callback to receive any errors and be notified of your consumers activity within Nexus. If your consumer is missing any required fields for enrollment, you will find out from an init_failed event sent to the onEvent callback.

The code below will launch the Nexus widget:

  // e.g. 'save', 'paye', 'ibr', 'icr', etc.
  plan: 'save',
  // a callback to be notified of errors or other important events within the Nexus widget
  onEvent: handleEvent,

Nexus Events

The following events may be sent to your onEvent callback as the consumer progresses through Nexus.studentLoanEnroll:

init_failedThe Nexus workflow could not be launched due to an error, such as required data missing.e.g. {reason: "fields_missing", fields: "family_size"}
workflow_startedThe Nexus workflow was launched without error.none
workflow_finishedThe consumer finished the workflow.The enrollment key has details about the enrollment request and its status (see below)
quitThe consumer closed Nexus before enrolling in a repayment plan.none


When your consumer completes an enrollment the below is an example of the event sent to your onEvent callback:

  nexusEvent: {
    name: "workflow_finished",
    workflow: "enroll",
    consumer: { uuid: "dceea28c-2245-41a8-a558-fef1643f99b2" },
    metadata: {
      enrollment: {
        created_at: "2021-05-07T16:36:12.051603Z",
        estimated_approval_date: "2023-12-15",
        id: 23,
        repayment_plan: {
          description: "Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE)",
          type: "save",
        status: {
          updated_at: "2021-05-07T16:36:12.055132Z",
          description: "Submission in Progress",
          type: "pending",
        uuid: "c399298f-47ef-4fab-85b3-6244fca22448",