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Use [`BorrowerPayload`](🔗) for API `POST`, `PUT`, and `PATCH` requests

For historical reasons, the request payload required when creating and updating a `Borrower` via our v1 API has a different shape than the response object. Thus, you must use a [`BorrowerPayload`](🔗) for your API request payloads, and expect a `Borrower` object as the response.

This discrepancy will be corrected in API v2.

Always save the `Borrower.id` **and** `Borrower.uuid` to your systems

Borrowers have both an `id` and `uuid`. These are largely interchangeable in the API, and you'll see that our documentation and examples reflect passing `Borrower.id` in API calls.

However, you should always save the `Borrower.uuid` value, as Nexus **requires** the `uuid` value, and **will not** work if supplied with a `Borrower.id` value.

When you use [`Nexus.link`](🔗), we'll fill in data for you!

Normally, a `Borrower` returned from our API will only include the information you've provided when you create or update the `Borrower` record. However, when you use Nexus to link `Borrowers` and `Servicers`, we'll include the `first_name`, `last_name`, `address`, `phone`, and `email` we've collected from their `Servicers` when possible.

### Schema Definition

`address``object`[`Address`](🔗)An `Address` object.
Is this person collecting unemployment? _Defaults to`false`._ **Required for Enrollment.**
`created_at``string``date-time`A `DateTime` value indicating when the `Borrower` was created.
`email``string``email`The `Borrower`'s email address.
If `Borrower` is employed, the name of their employer.
`employer_start_date``string``date`If `Borrower` is employed, date on which they began working for their employer.
`financial_details``object`[`FinancialDetails`](🔗)A `FinancialDetails` object.
`Borrower` first name.
`id``integer``int64`The unique ID value that identifies a `Borrower`. Should be saved to your database and used when fetching and updating details via API.
`income_certifications``array``items`: [`IncomeCertification`](🔗)An array of `IncomeCertification` file uploads—can be pay stubs, tax returns, or unemployment Determination Summaries. **NOTE:** We only use the most recently uploaded `IncomeCertification`. See [`IncomeCertification`](🔗) for more information.
`Borrower` last name.
`Borrower` occupation.
`Borrower` phone number.
Is `Borrower` currently a student? _Defaults to `false`._
Is this person unemployed? _Defaults to `false`._ **Required for Enrollment.**
`updated_at``string``date-time`A `DateTime` value indicating when the `Borrower` was last updated.
`uuid``string``uuid`A `UUID` value that identifies a `Borrower`. _Should be saved to your database and used when initializing Nexus._

### Example