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# Why use Payitoff?

We know your time is valuable and integrating new tools and workflows is often difficult.

Payitoff offers two key products that facilitate direct connections with Servicers and your Borrower's loans, gather the richest loan data, empower you to provide personalized Assessments across a range of eligible Repayment Plans, and automate processing Enrollment Requests faster than any other provider.

# What does Integration look like?

Our Integration Guides are focused on getting you up-and-running as quickly as possible to see just what Payitoff can do for your products and Borrowers.

### Integrate in 10 minutes with Nexus

Nexus is our drop-in JavaScript widget that saves you weeks of development time, providing effortless, guided workflows that bring you accurate data, correct results, and desired outcomes in far less time. [Get up and running in 10 minutes now](🔗).

### Build your own Borrower Experience

Use our API to build and deliver custom workflows, dashboards, and other products that matter to your Borrowers, leaving you in control of the parts of your Borrowers' user experience that you care about the most. Find out more about [building your own experience here](🔗).

# Assumptions

We make a couple basic assumptions in this guide, namely:

  • You are comfortable with some minor HTML and JavaScript code

  • You are comfortable making HTTP API requests in your chosen development language/environment

# Requirements

To follow along with our Integration Guides, you'll need two things from Payitoff:

  • A Payitoff <<glossary:API Key>>

  • A <<glossary:Nexus Key>>

# Ready to get started?

Do you have your <<glossary:Nexus Key>> and an <<glossary:API Key>> ready? Then let's get integrating!

But first ... a quick detour to ensure you understand the Payitoff domain.