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The `IncomeCertificationPayload` describes the request payload required when uploading a file to our API for a `Borrower`'s Income Certification, which is required when submitting IDR Enrollment Requests.

Use `IncomeCertificationPayload` for API `POST`, `PUT`, and `PATCH` requests

When creating and updating a `Borrower` with supporting Income Certification document(s), you must use the `IncomeCertificationPayload` object as your payload in the _singular_ `income_certification` property of a `BorrowerPayload` payload.

When a `Borrower` is returned by the API, the `Borrower` object will hold a _plural_ `income_certifications` property with [`IncomeCertification` object(s)](🔗) within.

### Schema Definition

`file``string``byte`Base64-encoded file object to upload.
`type``string``pay_stub` `tax_return` `determination_summary`The type of supporting income/unemployment documentation uploaded for Enrollment or recertification.

### Example