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Every `Loan` in repayment is on a Repayment Plan. While many of our API request payload objects and responses indicate a `repayment_plan_type` as a short, helpful `string` representation of a `Loan`'s current Repayment Plan, the `RepaymentPlan` object provides full details.

### Schema Definition

A full description of this `RepaymentPlan`.
Is this an Income-Driven `RepaymentPlan`?
The official name of this `RepaymentPlan`.
`type``string``alternative` `alt_graduated` `alt_neg_am` `alt_repaye` `extended` `extended_graduated` `graduated` `ibr` `icr` `isr` `new_ibr` `no_repayment` `paye` `repaye` `standard`The type of `RepaymentPlan`, often used as shorthand and the value you'd supply in `repayment_plan_type` fields, and to Nexus as the `plan` argument when starting the `Nexus.enroll` workflow.

### Example