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Use [`EnrollmentPayload`](🔗) to create an `Enrollment`

When creating `Enrollment` objects via API, send an [`EnrollmentPayload`](🔗) as your request body. You'll receive an `Enrollment` as a response.

### Schema Definition

`created_at``string``date-time`A `DateTime` string indicating when the `Enrollment` was created.
`estimated_approval_date``string``date`The date on which we expect a valid Enrollment to be accepted by Servicer(s).
`id``integer``int64`The Payitoff ID value of this `Enrollment`
`repayment_plan``object`[`RepaymentPlanSummary`](🔗)An object indicating what IDR Plan a `Borrower` is enrolling in.
`status``object`[`EnrollmentStatus`](🔗)An object providing details on the status of this `Enrollment`.

### Example