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Payitoff API: Borrower Schema


Use BorrowerPayload for API POST, PUT, and PATCH requests

For historical reasons, the request payload required when creating and updating a Borrower via our v1 API has a different shape than the response object. Thus, you must use a BorrowerPayload for your API request payloads, and expect a Borrower object as the response.

This discrepancy will be corrected in API v2.


Always save the Borrower.id and Borrower.uuid to your systems

Borrowers have both an id and uuid. These are largely interchangeable in the API, and you'll see that our documentation and examples reflect passing Borrower.id in API calls.

However, you should always save the Borrower.uuid value, as Nexus requires the uuid value, and will not work if supplied with a Borrower.id value.


When you use Nexus.link, we'll fill in data for you!

Normally, a Borrower returned from our API will only include the information you've provided when you create or update the Borrower record. However, when you use Nexus to link Borrowers and Servicers, we'll include the first_name, last_name, address, phone, and email we've collected from their Servicers when possible.

Schema Definition

addressobjectAddressAn Address object.
collecting_unemploymentbooleanIs this person collecting unemployment?

Defaults tofalse.

Required for Enrollment.
created_atstringdate-timeA DateTime value indicating when the Borrower was created.
emailstringemailThe Borrower's email address.
employerstringIf Borrower is employed, the name of their employer.
employer_start_datestringdateIf Borrower is employed, date on which they began working for their employer.
financial_detailsobjectFinancialDetailsA FinancialDetails object.
first_namestringBorrower first name.
idintegerint64The unique ID value that identifies a Borrower. Should be saved to your database and used when fetching and updating details via API.
income_certificationsarrayitems: IncomeCertificationAn array of IncomeCertification file uploads—can be pay stubs, tax returns, or unemployment Determination Summaries.

NOTE: We only use the most recently uploaded IncomeCertification. See IncomeCertification for more information.
last_namestringBorrower last name.
occupationstringBorrower occupation.
phonestringBorrower phone number.
studentbooleanIs Borrower currently a student?

Defaults to false.
unemployedbooleanIs this person unemployed?

Defaults to false.

Required for Enrollment.
updated_atstringdate-timeA DateTime value indicating when the Borrower was last updated.
uuidstringuuidA UUID value that identifies a Borrower.

Should be saved to your database and used when initializing Nexus.


  "address": {
    "city": "North Enid",
    "state": "OK",
    "street1": "05700 Moises Mountains",
    "street2": "Apt. 402",
    "street3": null,
    "zipcode": "92192"
  "collecting_unemployment": false,
  "created_at": "2021-02-18T17:32:54.744842Z",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "employer": "City Of Albemarle",
  "employer_start_date": "2015-12-10",
  "financial_details": {
    "agi": 45500.44,
    "children": 1,
    "dependents": 0,
    "employer_state": null,
    "extra_monthly_payment": 0.00,
    "family_size": 2,
    "filing_status": "single",
    "income_growth": null,
    "new_borrower_date": null,
    "pslf": null,
    "refinance_rate": null,
    "refinance_term": null,
    "related_to_major": null,
    "spouse_agi": 24000.00,
    "state_of_residence": "NV",
    "tcli_enabled": null,
    "tcli_end_year": null,
    "tcli_start_year": null,
    "teaching_level": null,
    "teaching_state": null,
    "teaching_subject": null
  "first_name": "Genesis",
  "id": 1569,
  "income_certifications": [],
  "last_name": "Bartoletti",
  "occupation": null,
  "phone": "913-733-3917",
  "student": false,
  "unemployed": false,
  "updated_at": "2021-02-18T17:32:54.744842Z",
  "uuid": "dc6e109b-ad95-4f79-83a3-85ea55981feb"