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Payitoff API: LoanType Schema

Schema Definition

codestringThe official federal code that indicates the type of a loan.
descriptionstringThe official federal description of the type of a loan.
federalbooleanIs this a federal loan?
guarantorstringThe institution who guarantees a loan will be paid in the event a student borrower defaults on the loan.
lenderstringThe institution that originally funded a loan.
subsidizedbooleanIs this loan subsidized by the federal government?
sula_eligiblebooleanIs this loan SULA eligible?


  "code": "D2",
  "description": "Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loan",
  "federal": true,
  "guarantor": "Department of Education",
  "lender": "Department of Education",
  "subsidized": false,
  "sula_eligible": false

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