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Get familiar with Borrowers, Loans, Repayment Plans, Assessments, and Enrollment Requests

Payitoff helps you solve the biggest pain points for Borrowers, empowering you to build super-powered Student Loan functionality into your company's products, deliver engaging user experiences, and create life-changing outcomes for the Borrowers on your platform.


A Borrower is any person who holds student loan debt from undergraduate and graduate education.

There are millions of federal student loan borrowers in the US—and they're all interested in paying off their loans, lowering their monthly payments, finding forgiveness programs they are eligible for, and more. The average borrower knows little to nothing about federal debt. They've been given differing, and often conflicting, guidance that is rarely focused on their best interests—or pieced incomplete understanding together on their own over time. This lack of clarity and Borrower-focused guidance often results in dramatically increases in their overall repayment cost.

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Borrowers have at least one federal student loan in their portfolio, and many have more than one.

We make it easy to get the most accurate information possible across every Borrower's entire loan story via Nexus, our drop-in JavaScript widget, and expose this information via our API for Partners like you to integrate into your products and services.

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Servicers are the companies to whom Borrowers pay monthly payments to eliminate their student loan debt.

There are many servicers out there, and Payitoff makes it easy for our Partners to connect Borrowers and Servicers to retrieve accurate loan details—which means you can provide your Borrowers the information they need to make faster, more informed decisions personalized to their unique situations.


An Assessment is the calculation and presentation of all Repayment Plans that are available to a Borrower for their specific loan portfolio.

Payitoff makes it easy for Partners to create Borrowers, build out their loan portfolios, and then present an Assessment of all available Repayment Plans so your Borrowers can see the full range of repayment options they're eligible for, and enroll in Repayment Plans that meet their needs and goals.

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Repayment Options

Repayment Options provide detailed insight into individual Repayment Plans—the repayment schedules a given Borrower must follow to repay their loan—either in full or until a forgiveness event occurs.

There are a number of Repayment Plans available to Borrowers—including standard, graduated, and income-driven schedules—and many Borrowers don't know what Repayment Plan they're currently on, what other options exist, or what Repayment Plan is best for their financial situation and personal goals.

Our tools make it easy for you to help your Borrowers enroll in Repayment Plans that fit their needs, without you having to do all the work figuring out eligibility, calculate the schedules, or keep up with program changes.

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Forgiveness Options

There are many student loan forgiveness programs at federal, state, and lower levels available to borrowers. These programs, each with their own eligibility requirements, offer partial or full forgiveness of student loan debt when certain conditions and requirements are met. Our API surfaces two of the largest programs—PSLF and TCLI—and support for more forgiveness programs will continue to increase in the future.

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An Enrollment is the first step toward changing Repayment Plans for your Borrowers and their Loans.

After you've presented your Borrowers with an Assessment, they'll want to choose a Repayment Plan that better fits their income, needs, and long-term goals. To do so, you can either use Nexus and let our JavaScript widget guide them through the necessary steps to enroll in the new Plan, or use our API to submit the necessary data required to submit an Enrollment Request to the relevant Servicers on behalf of your Borrowers. We do all the heavy lifting, leaving you in the place of providing your Borrowers the confidence and assistance they need to realize life-changing outcomes.

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