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Understand Repayment and Forgiveness Options to improve Borrowers' lives

Assessments are the most critical piece in a Borrower's journey to eliminate student loan debt and improve their current and future financial picture. Our API allows your products to present Repayment and Forgiveness Options available to your borrower, determine eligibility, and help your borrowers choose the best possible outcome for their unique financial situations and goals.

Forgiveness Options

When you query our Get Forgiveness Options API endpoint, you'll receive a JSON response object with a forgiveness_options property, which provides an array of ForgivenessOption objects.

Repayment Options

When you query our Get Repayment Options API endpoint, you'll receive a JSON response object with two properties—original and repayment_options. The original property provides an OriginalLoanSummary, a high-level look at the key financial properties of a Loan and its current Repayment Plan. The repayment_options property provides an array of RepaymentOption objects with a great deal of detail on a given Repayment Plan so you can provide detailed Assessments to your borrowers.

Why are there two Monthly Payment properties?

When you look at RepaymentOption objects, you will notice there are two monthly payment properties—scheduled_monthly_payment and starting_monthly_payment. Though confusing, these values are provided separately to help a borrower make the best financial decisions for their futures, not just during this historically anomalous time.


During the ongoing COVID forbearance period—scheduled_monthly_payment provides the monthly payment a borrower would pay under normal conditions.


On the other hand, starting_monthly_payment provides the monthly payment a borrower is expected to pay during COVID forbearance (which should always be 0.00).

When the COVID forbearance period ends, both scheduled_monthly_payment and starting_monthly_payment should hold identical values.