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Payitoff API: MonthlyPayment Schema

A MonthlyPayment object describes both what has been retrieved from Servicer Aggregation, as well as any other pertinent information we can interpret and calculate from collected data to accurately describe each PortfolioLoan object.

Schema Definition

estimatedbooleanIndicates if the scheduled_amount shown is a calculated estimate or confirmed as the exact dollar amount expected by the servicer.

NOTE: Every servicer calculates and exposes a borrower's monthly payment in different ways. Payitoff uses a variety of intelligent heuristics to provide the most accurate scheduled_amount. When we are able to confirm the monthly payment is correct to the cent, estimated will be false. Otherwise, estimated will be true.
next_payment_duestring or nulldateA Date string indicating the next known date on which a payment is due.
scheduled_amountstringdecimalThe scheduled monthly payment a borrower is expected to pay, as reported by their Servicer.

NOTE: Money values are returned as decimal strings with 2-digit precision.


  "estimated": true,
  "next_payment_due": "2022-04-01",
  "scheduled_amount": "238.00"