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Loan Statuses

Payitoff API: Complete list of Loan Statuses

Whenever a Loan Status is accepted or returned by the Payitoff API, it can be either in a complex object, with a code and description property, or it may be a string representation of just the code or description. All possible code: description mappings are shown below.

AE— Transferred
AL — Abandoned Loan
BC — Bankruptcy Claim, Discharged
BK — Bankruptcy Claim, Active
CA — Canceled
CS — Closed School Discharge
DA — Deferred
DB — Defaulted, Then Bankrupt, Active, Chapter 13
DC — Defaulted, Compromise
DD — Defaulted, Then Died
DE — Death
DF — Defaulted, Unresolved
DI — Disability
DK — Defaulted, Then Bankrupt, Discharged, Chapter 13
DL — Defaulted, In Litigation
DN — Defaulted, Paid in Full Through Consolidation Loan
DO — Defaulted, Then Bankrupt, Active, other
DP — Defaulted, Paid in Full
DR — Defaulted, Loan in Roll-Up Loan
DS — Defaulted, Then Disabled
DT — Defaulted, Collection Terminated
DU — Defaulted, Unresolved
DW — Defaulted, Write-off
DX — Defaulted, Six Consecutive Payments
DZ — Defaulted, Six Consecutive Payments, then missed payment
FB — Forbearance
FC — False Certification Discharge
FR — Fraud
FX — Fraud Satisfied
IA — Loan Originated
ID — In School or Grace Period
IG — In Grace Period
IM — In Military Grace
IP — In post-deferment grace(Perkins only)
OD — Defaulted, Then Bankrupt, Discharged, Other
PC — Paid in Full Through Consolidation Loan
PD — Permanent Disability
PF — Paid in Full
PM — Presumed Paid in Full
PN — Non-defaulted, Paid in Full Through Consolidation Loan
PZ — PLUS Child Death
RF — Refinanced
RP — In Repayment
UA — Temporarily Uninsured - No Default Claim Requested
UB — Temporarily Uninsured - Default Claim Denied
UC — Permanently Uninsured-No Default Claim Requested
UD — Permanently Uninsured-Default Claim Denied
UI — Unreinsured
VA — Discharged, Veteran Permanently Disabled
XD — Defaulted, six consecutive payments