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Payitoff API: PaymentPayload Schema


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A PaymentPayload is the request body required when creating or editing a Payment to a Servicer using a Borrower-owned SourceAccount.

Schema Definition

Properties in bold are required.

amountstringdecimalThe total amount that should be paid on the scheduled_date.
scheduled_datestringdateDate the payment should occur. This cannot be a weekend or a bank holiday.
servicer_idstringuuidA UUID that identifies the Servicer who should receive the payment.
source_account_idstringuuidA UUID that identifies the Borrower-owned SourceAccount from which funds will be transferred.


A valid PaymentPayload should appear as the JSON value of a payment key in your request.

	"payment": {
		"amount": "123.45",
		"scheduled_date": "2021-08-28",
		"servicer_id": "7228ed9a-51f4-4829-91af-c615bacf9c34",
		"source_account_id": "ada01d34-b630-43fb-ad87-dc5d19cbfc86"