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Loan Types

Payitoff API: Complete list of Loan Types

Whenever a Loan Type is accepted or returned by the Payitoff API, it can be either in a complex object, with a code and description property, or it may be a string representation of just the code or description. All possible code: description mappings are shown below.

CL — FFEL Consolidation
D0 — Direct Stafford Subsidized (SULA Eligible)
D1 — Direct Stafford Subsidized
D2 — Direct Stafford Unsubsidized
D3 — Direct PLUS for Graduate/Professional
D4 — Direct PLUS Parent
D5 — Direct Consolidation Unsubsidized
D6 — Direct Consolidation Subsidized
D7 — Direct Consolidation PLUS
D8 — Direct Unsubsidized (TEACH)
D9 — Direct Consolidation Subsidized (SULA Eligible)
DU — National Defense
EU — Perkins Expanded Lending
FI — Federally Insured Student (FISL)
GB — FFEL PLUS for Graduate/Professional
IC — Income-Contingent (ICL)
NU — National Direct Student (NDSL)
PU — Federal Perkins
RF — FFEL Refinanced
SF — FFEL Stafford Subsidized
SL — Supplemental (SLS)
SU — FFEL Stafford Unsubsidized
XP — Private

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Loan Types

Payitoff API: Complete list of Loan Types

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