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Payitoff API: BatchPaymentAllocation Schema

An object that identifies if a BatchPaymentItem.amount is allocated to a Servicer or a specific PortfolioLoan.

Which type should I choose?

Desired OutcomeAllocation Type
I want to a make a payment on behalf of a Borrower, and I need the funds to be allocated to a specific PortfolioLoan and/or the PaymentGroup it belongs to.loan
I want to make a payment on behalf of a Borrower, and I don't need to allocate it to any specific PortfolioLoan or PaymentGroup, and am happy to let the Servicer allocated the funds for me.servicer

Which id should I provide?

  • When type is loan, provide the PortfolioLoan.id value.
  • When type is servicer, provide the PortfolioLoan.servicer.id value.

Schema Definition

Properties in bold are required fields.

idstringuuidUUID of the Servicer or PortfolioLoan to be paid, depending on type.
Identifies if this BatchPaymentItem should be allocated to a Servicer or PortfolioLoan.


  "id": "75715081-e513-4008-ad68-fa195c9de9f9",
  "type": "loan"