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Payitoff API: BatchPaymentItem Schema

A BatchPaymentItem is an object representing a singular allocation of funds within a BatchPayment.

When you Create BatchPayments you provide an array of BatchPaymentItemPayload objects in the payments array to describe how to allocate the BatchPayment. These will, upon passing validation, be returned from the API as BatchPaymentItem objects.

Schema Definition

allocationobjectBatchPaymentAllocationIdentifies if a BatchPaymentItem is allocated to a Servicer or a specific PortfolioLoan.
amountstringdecimalThe amount that will be paid to the defined allocation.
borrower_idstringuuidA UUID identifying the Borrower on behalf of whom this BatchPaymentItem is allocated.
idstringuuidThe UUID that identifies this BatchPaymentItem.
reference_idstringThe reference_id value provided in your BatchPaymentItemPayload.
statusstringThe status of this BatchPaymentItem.


  "allocation": {
    "id": "75715081-e513-4008-ad68-fa195c9de9f9",
    "type": "loan"
  "amount": "1.00",
  "borrower_id": "b72c6b71-5eaa-42e8-bd1b-7b0f12caea4c",
  "id": "fd3acad2-5e34-4718-bbe6-212a55cb4cbf",
  "reference_id": null,
  "status": "pending"