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Payitoff API: SourceAccount Schema


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A borrower's source account is the source of funding to pay down student loans. These may be checking, savings or brokerage accounts.


Use SourceAccountPayload for to create a SourceAccount

When creating SourceAccount objects via API, send a SourceAccountPayload as your request body. You'll receive a SourceAccount as a response.

Schema Definition

account_number_last_4stringThe last 4 digits of a borrower's account number at a financial institution.
idstringuuidA UUID value that identifies a SourceAccount.
name_on_accountstringName of account at financial institution.
payments_supportedbooleanCan this account be used to make payments?
routing_numberstringThe borrower's routing number at a financial institution.

It must be exactly 9 digits in length.
Type of account at a borrower's financial institution.


  "account_number_last_4": "4287",
  "id": "1d40b0bd-46c4-4cde-9467-5b000800aee9",
  "name_on_account": "John Q Public",
  "payments_supported": true,
  "routing_number": "123456789",
  "type": "checking"