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Payitoff API: PaymentGroup Schema

A PaymentGroup is a collection into which some Servicers organize borrower Loans. These groups are very Servicer-specific. Some Servicers will group loans by loan type, others by federal student loan programs, and still others by a combination of factors like type, interest rate, disbursements, and more.


A PaymentGroup often provides the most accurate data for highly important properties—such as monthly payment, past due amounts, fees, transaction amounts, and more. Take particular note of the monthly_payment.estimated value—when true, this means Payitoff has determined the exact dollar amount of a group-level monthly payment, from which loan-level monthly payments will be calculated to be as accurate as possible, even when a Servicer doesn't directly expose loan-level payment info.

Schema Definition

idstringuuidA unique UUID identifier for this PaymentGroup.
monthly_paymentobjectGroupMonthlyPaymentAn object that describes the details of a PaymentGroup monthly payment.
namestringThe name by which a Servicer defines this group.
payment_reference_numberstring or nullThe account number needed to allocate payments to this group.


  "id": "f7498357-844d-4d0e-a0e9-573003cada13",
  "monthly_payment": {
    "current_amount_due": "0.00",
    "estimated": false,
    "next_payment_due": "2022-04-01",
    "past_due_amount": "0.00",
    "scheduled_amount": "445.45"
  "name": "AJ",
  "payment_reference_number": null