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Help borrowers get pre-qualified to refinance their loans with Nexus.refi

When a Borrower is no longer able to leverage federal options or has private loans, the next step is often refinancing their remaining student loan debt. To guide your Borrower on the path to refinancing their loans, use Nexus.refi to help them pre-qualify and review Refi Offers. Once they complete the workflow, they will be directed to the lender to complete their application.


Nexus pre-fills information Payitoff knows about your borrowers

In order to ease the process for borrowers, Nexus will pre-fill all possible information required throughout the workflow. If a borrower has used Nexus before or you have already stored information for the borrower via our API, Nexus will populate any previously saved information such as name, AGI, employment status, and contact info. The relevant Nexus screens will still be presented to the user so they may confirm or correct the pre-filled data as they complete the Refi workflow.

Calling Nexus.refi

Nexus.refi expects to receive a single options object as a parameter. This options object allows you to specify an optional onEvent callback to take actions based on your borrower's activity within Nexus:

// Assuming you have a button your Borrower can click to start the refi
let refiButton = document.querySelector('#nexus-refi-button')

// Attach click handler to invoke Nexus.refi
refiButton.addEventListener('click', e => {
    // the function to call when borrower is done or exits early
    onEvent: handleLinkEvent,

onEvent Callback

When Nexus transmits an event, your onEvent callback will be called with one an argument, a JavaScript object with a top-level property nexusEvent containing an object with the details of the event:

  nexusEvent: {
    name: "workflow_finished",
    workflow: "refi",
    consumer: {
      uuid: "dceea28c-2245-41a8-a558-fef1643f99b2"
    metadata: {
      offer: {
        id: "d1fb8aad-813e-4b8f-af36-49bcb4b509d3",
        lender: "Arkansas Student Loan Authority"
      submission: {
        id: "aff108cb-73d6-4273-a2e9-ddee97f033a8",
        loans: [

Nexus.link Events

workflow_finishedThe borrower successfully selected and applied for a refinance loan offer.offer has the offer ID and lender. submission has the application ID and loans selected for refinancing. Use the Get Loans API endpoint for loan details.
quitThe borrower closed Nexus without completing a refi application.none


Borrower IDs

When relying on Nexus to create borrowers, you will need to capture the borrower.uuid that is returned in order to make API calls on behalf of your borrowers.