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Payitoff API: IncomeCertificationPayload Schema

The IncomeCertificationPayload describes the request payload required when uploading a file to our API for a Borrower's Income Certification, which is required when submitting IDR Enrollment Requests.


Use IncomeCertificationPayload for API POST, PUT, and PATCH requests

When creating and updating a Borrower with supporting Income Certification document(s), you must use the IncomeCertificationPayload object as your payload in the singular income_certification property of a BorrowerPayload payload.

When a Borrower is returned by the API, the Borrower object will hold a plural income_certifications property with IncomeCertification object(s) within.

Schema Definition

filestringbyteBase64-encoded file object to upload.
The type of supporting income/unemployment documentation uploaded for Enrollment or recertification.


"income_certification": {
  "type": "tax_return"

Which type to use?

  • If a borrower's income hasn't changed significantly since they last filed taxes, use a tax_return to certify their income. A tax transcript is also acceptable. Provide the full document, not just the first page.
  • If the borrower's income has decreased since their last tax return:
    • If currently employed, provide a pay_stub including their full name, gross pay, and pay period.
    • If pending employment, provide an offer_letter from the employer with their full name and gross pay.
  • If the borrower receives unemployment income, provide a benefits determination_letter with their full name, weekly benefit amount, agency providing the benefits, and benefits period.

The date on any income documentation provided (other than tax return or transcript) must not be older than 90 days from the date of upload.